Wardrobe Envy

 Recently, an adjustable version of our Drift Ring was featured on Wide Eyed Legless and I have been enamored with this blog ever since. 

Photo curtesy of Wide Eyed Legless.

Wide Eyed Legless is written by stylist, designer and creative, Madelynn Hackwith Furlong.  Her personal project to create and document the perfect wardrobe has not only generated some truly gorgeous photos but also has inspired me to totally edit my wardrobe. After reading her Perfect Wardrobe posts, I literally took over half of my wardrobe to sell and edited down to my absolute favorite pieces. I was also inspired to invest in the Loeffler Randall boots I'd been drooling over for months.

loeffler randall boots

Madelynn talks a lot about making the investment in staple pieces for your wardrobe that you truly LOVE and will have for years to come.  This speaks to me as both a designer and a shopper. As a designer, I create pieces with integrity that I hope speak to you and become a favorite part of your wardrobe. As a shopper, I am reminded to spend the way I design....with intention. So please, if you haven't visited her blog yet, head over and be inspired! 


And PS - The Adjustable Drift Ring will be up in the web shop soon.

Ajustable Drift Rings in Bronze.

Ajustable Drift Rings in Bronze.