Welcome to NEAL!

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So, you may be wondering "what the hell happened to Carrier Pigeon?!" Try not to freak out too much. If you visit the site often, you may have already noticed that things have been refreshed a bit and some changes have been taking place. The most important stuff though; the jewelry, is still here. I am saying goodbye to a good number of pieces but it's only to make room for the really good stuff. The new stuff. Let me fill you in on why I decided to change my name from Carrier Pigeon to NEAL. 

Since founding Carrier Pigeon in 2009, my jewelry and brand vision has evolved quite a bit. I went from hand fabricating most of my pieces to hand carving and casting all of them. Over the years my designs have also become more experimental, modern and sophisticated. So I decided that it was time to rebrand and rename my company. NEAL is my family name and to me, it is not only timeless but allows for the natural growth and evolution of my line. 

I am beyond excited about this change and I cannot wait to show you my latest work! So, thanks for understanding and for being a part of it all. I'll be sharing new work, new packaging, new photos and my studio remodel so keep in touch!