NEAL uses locally sourced, recycled sterling silver and brass to cast with. Ancient bronze is also frequently used for its beautiful, rich red undertones. NEAL uses 24k gold to create vermeil pieces. Gold vermeil is the process of gold plating silver via electrolysis. Many sterling silver pieces have been oxidized to achieve a blackened patina. Silver will tarnish and blacken naturally over time but this oxidation process is instantaneous.

Each piece that is plated or oxidized is done so individually, by hand. Slight variations in finishes may occur and should be expected. The individual character of your piece of NEAL jewelry is part of what makes it special!

If you have any questions regarding the specific materials used in a piece or have skin allergies, please contact me and I'll answer your questions.


Please care for your NEAL jewelry by removing it after daily wear and store it safely & separately from other jewelry. Sterling silver, brass and bronze will naturally tarnish and develop a patina over time with exposure to oxygen & moisture. These patinas are a part of your jewelry's life and can be quite beautiful. However, keeping your jewelry clean, dry and stored in an airtight bag or container after wear will help to slow this process down. Wearing your pieces often will also keep them shiny, as they tend to polish on clothing and contact. You can restore your jewelry to its original luster by using a treated polishing cloth.

Gold vermeil and blackened silver are also affected by wear, moisture and oils in the skin and may fade over time. Take extra care to keep these pieces dry to extend their finishes.

I am available to polish/clean, re-blacken & re-gold plate your NEAL jewelry at any time. Contact me for details. For extensive jewelry care, have a look at my blog series; Shine On, where I share my favorite tips and tricks!