Owning gold jewelry is super special. Gold is the most valuable and historically significant metal throughout the world. Your first piece of gold jewelry may have been an engagement ring or wedding band. Maybe you inherited a family heirloom. Perhaps you invested in your own gold jewelry. Whichever the case, you'll probably own your gold pieces forever, treasuring them and eventually passing them along throughout time. Of all the metals, gold is the most wearable and maintenance free. Because these are the pieces we typically hold the dearest and longest, caring for them properly will maintain their value and give them a very, very long life.



Unlike silver, brass or bronze, gold cannot be altered by moisture, corrosion, cold or heat from the sun. Oddly though, gold can become tarnished by the seaside or sometimes by contact with silver jewelry. Here are some tips on keeping your special gold pieces brilliant.

1. There is nothing better than good, old-fashioned soap and water to clean gold jewelry. Use a bit of dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth or take a soft bristle brush and bar soap with water and gently clean your piece. Rinse with water and polish it dry with a soft cloth.
2. If salt water or sea air has dulled your gold, use a soft bristle brush and dip it in a mixture of water and baking soda. Gently brush your piece, rinse, dry and polish with a soft cloth.
3. If you need a stronger cleaner, use a drop or two of ammonia in water. Use the mixture with a soft cloth or dip your piece in and let it soak for a minute or so. Rinse, dry and polish with a soft cloth. Handle carefully, as ammonia is a strong product. 
4. If you are looking for a more brilliant shine, you can polish your piece using a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

*Take extra care cleaning pieces with gemstones in them. Be gentle and avoid using hot water. If you have an antique piece, it would be best to take to a local jeweler to clean as gemstones may have become loosened over time. 


Gold is the stuff of dreams. Whether you prefer yellow, rose, white or the Black Hills kind, taking extra care of your gold jewelry will ensure that it stays beautiful forever. 

1. Hollow gold jewelry is more fragile than solid. Be gentle with these pieces and store them in a place where they won't get dented, scratched or damaged.
2. If your gold piece is delicate, has gemstones and/or a special finish, take it to a local jeweler to be cleaned.
3. Save your broken and damaged gold jewelry. You can take these pieces to a local jeweler/designer and have them melt the gold down and make you a new piece. There are many factors involved in this process, so make an appointment and bring your pieces in.
4. Give heirlooms a new life. Oftentimes when loved ones pass on, we inherit wedding rings, brooches and other pieces that we might not be able to wear. One of the best ways to preserve the memory of a person is through precious metals, as they last years and years and can continue being passed down. If you have a piece that you can't wear, take it to a jewelry designer and have them design a new piece using your special gold jewelry. I love redesigning heirloom pieces for clients and seeing a piece of jewelry lead a new life.


Lauren Neal