Steve + Maggie - 18k Yellow Gold Half Round design with Comfort Fit


Custom Design

Designing and making rings is my specialty and I love it. I design and craft custom rings that suit your unique character and lifestyle. True to the NEAL design aesthetic my rings are substantial, modern and sometimes unconventional. I also enjoy working with inherited or symbolic stones to re-imagine an entirely new heirloom. And I absolutely design custom bracelets, earrings and necklaces. 

I believe that all people have the right to marry whomever they love and in any way they like. I provide a safe environment for ALL people looking to create and commemorate significant events in their lives. 

Below are just a few of the many custom projects I’ve created over the years. Please contact me to find out more about out the custom process or to discuss your wedding band, engagement ring, bracelet + whatever ideas. All projects are considered.

EMILY Ring - 14k yellow gold band with half bezel + prong setting - heirloom diamond.

EMILY Companion Band - 14k Yellow Gold


EVAN Ring - Illusion Curve 14k Yellow Gold

LESLIE Ring - 14k Yellow Gold - RUNA Style Ring

BEN Ring - 14k Yellow Gold - Driftwood Texture

NIKI Ring - Organic shaped and River Texture 14k yellow gold band with flush set diamonds.

DRIFTWOOD - Slightly textured, matte, 14k yellow gold

KISHORI Rings - Sterling Silver + 18k yellow gold rings with heirloom emeralds and sapphire

ADAM + JESS - White Gold Wedding Band Set

ROBYN + LAURA - 3mm flat band and thin round band, 14k yellow gold

NICK Ring - Hand Carved Crosshatch Texture - 14k Yellow Gold

NICK Ring - Hand Carved Crosshatch Texture - 14k Yellow Gold

CHANNY + RYAN - Pinky Signets, 14k yellow gold

MANITOU - customized in 14k yellow gold with diamonds

SCOTT + GINA - 14k white gold line band and vintage inspired 14k yellow gold ring with garnets and diamond

ALEX Ring - Heavy texture, comfort fit, 14k yellow gold

Faceted and textured band - 14k yellow gold

LILLIAN RING - Old World Signet, 14k yellow gold

MUHAMED RING - Cushion Top Signet, 14k yellow gold

ALEXANDRA Bracelets - Custom bronze cuffs

LONE Band - customized in 14k yellow gold with matte finish

DRIFT Rings - Thin 14k yellow gold bands

JAMES + ELLA - Textured, faceted and oxidized silver band and textured, faceted 14k yellow gold band

JAMIE + ASHLEY RINGS - driftwood and pebble texture, 14k yellow gold

KATHERINE NECKLACE - 14k yellow gold with scatter diamonds

LORE Rings - Platinum, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold

LEIGH + TROY - Faceted and textured, 14k rose gold

LONE BANDS - 14k yellow gold

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Contact me to start the custom process…

Let’s create an heirloom.