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As a jewelry designer and maker, I have come across all kinds of cool little tips and tricks for keeping your jewelry looking it's best. This section is kinda like the Cliff's Notes version of the whole Shine On blog series.....with a few extra nuggets of info. So just remember these few things and you and your jewelry will live happily ever after. 


Knowing your ring size can be the difference between buying that amazing ring you saw online (there's only 1 left!) or settling for something that you're not in love with just because you can try it on in a store. Getting sized by a professional is the best way to get an accurate ring size. Most jewelry stores will size you for free but if you'd rather do it at home, here are a few tips. We are available to size you in our Minneapolis studio by appointment. 

1. Do NOT trust the paper method. Man, can this be way off. Just skip it. 
2. If you can't make it into a store, these ring sizers are the next best thing. 
3. Please note: all jewelry designers ring sizes may vary slightly due to country of origin, ring sizing tools and other methods. It's always best to check with them ahead of time to see if they can exchange your ring if it doesn't fit. 
4. Did you know that your ring size may be different depending on the season? It's true. In climates where temperatures range from below zero in the winter up to 100 degrees with high humidity in the summer; your fingers may shrink and swell. Keep this in mind when buying rings. 


Brass and bronze jewelry has become extremely popular in the jewelry world. Designers use these metals for their beautiful, natural hues. They also give the look of gold without the super high price tag. Here are some things to remember about your brass and bronze jewelry.

1. Keep your brass and bronze jewelry dry. Don't swim, shower or wash your hands with your jewelry on. This also means applying beauty products before putting your jewelry on. 
2. Depending on your skin type, the season and/or your body chemistry; your skin may discolor from brass or bronze. This is a harmless oxidation reaction that is 100% based on the individual. Some people have no reaction whatsoever and some people's skin may turn instantly.  
3. A trick : Use a hypoallergenic clear nail polish and paint the inside of your rings to protect against discoloration. 


1. Avoid harsh chemicals. Natural is better. Baking soda and lemons are magic.
2. Use caution when cleaning jewelry with stones. Use mild soap. If your stones are loose, have a professional clean your piece. 
3. Store jewelry in a dry place. Don't store it in the bathroom! 
4. Take your jewelry off before sleeping, showering, exercising, etc....
5. When in doubt, contact the jewelry designer. One of the major perks of buying handmade, it that the designer should know exactly how your piece was made and how to care for it. 

Lauren Neal